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Grass Valley

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Forms & Documents

Calendar: This is a link to our District calendar for the current school year.

Annual Parent Notification: The files listed under "Annual Parent Notification" include all annual parent notifications as required by Education Code 48980. After reviewing the policies, please download the Mandatory Signature Page. Obtain the necessary signatures and return the form to your school at the beginning of each school year.

Free and Reduced Breakfast/Lunch Program: The Grass Valley School District is asking that all parents/guardians fill-out and submit a Free and Reduced Lunch application. This is helpful in two very important ways: 1. In past years, many students were were eligible for either a free or reduced priced breakfast and lunch did not receive them because the application was not submitted.  Even if you are uncertain if you'll use the program, it helps to establish eligibility so that it is available to your child(ren). 2. The percentage of students signed-up for free and reduced price lunches is the number most often used by the state and federal governments to determine our district's eligibility to apply for important funding for computers, textbooks, and other important instructional materials.

Please help your child(ren) and our instructional programs by filling-out this important application.
All such information is kept strictly confidential.  Click here for application.

Interdistrict Attendance Agreement Form: This is a link to the Interdistrict Attendance Agreement Form. For an interdistrict request to be considered, a completed form must be submitted by the requester to the district in which the requester resides. The district of residence will either choose to approve or deny the request, and will notify the requester once the decision has been made. If the request is approved the form will be forwarded to the requested district of attendance. The requested district will then consider whether to approve or deny the request and will contact the requester regarding the decision.
Behavior Contract for approved incoming Interdistrict Attendance Agreements: This is a link to the Behavior Contract that is required for all students who will be attending a school in the Grass Valley School District on an approved Interdistrict Attndance Agreement. This contract must be submitted annually along with the Interdistrict Attendance Agreement form.
Administration of Medication at School Froms in English and Spanish is explained by these parent letters, also in English in Spanish.