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Official Bids Documents

Upcoming Projects
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Project 19-01B - Charter Class Mod (Package 2)

Project 19-02B - Bell Hill MP/Retaining Walls/Sitework (Package 2)

   Project 19-02B - Bell Hill MP/Retaining Walls/Sitework (Package 2)
   The following link will bring you to the Landmark Construction website "Plan Room"
You will see the Bell Hill Multi-purpose room listed there.

Project 19-03B - Bell Hill Class Mod/Telecom (Package 3)

Project 19-04B - Scotten MP/Class Mod/Telecom (Package 2)

1.        Plans
2.      DSA inspection
3.      Specifications
4.      Soil Report
5.      Bid narrative
6.      Addendum #1
7.      Laydown area
8.      Project Manual

Project 19-05B - Gilmore Roof/Sitework/HVAC/Related Interior (Package 1)