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In 2011, Grass Valley School District was awarded the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant.  At the heart of the grant was creating technology infused classrooms for enhanced teaching and learning.  The success of the grant has prompted the district to expand the program to all students with in the district.  

By the fall of 2012, students in grades 5th through 7th have been 1:1 with the devices and in the fall of 2013 students 5th through 8th have been utilizing these instruments of instruction throughout the day.

Now, we are proud to include Chromebooks into our diverse set of digital teaching tools.  The difference is 'education on demand'; providing all students with digital tools for learning.

Our Motivation:

  • Increased availability of digital learning tools for students.
  • Increased support for teachers wishing to expand the walls of their classrooms through global resources.
  • Engaged students who are stimulated to learn daily through authentic, project-based instructions.

The Plan:

  • Provide teachers with professional development opportunities that will enhance their expertise in project-based learning.
  • Innovative lead teachers to serve as experts, working with staff in developing a digitally rich curriculum.
  • Provide a powerful and secure network that can handle the increase in devices.