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Project 16-15 HVAC Controls

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 Project 16-15 HVAC Controls
Please see the Notice to Contractors for more information.
Required Bid Documents:

    Please turn in your quote along with the

    Quote Proposal Form, Non-Collusion Form and the Sub Contractor Form.

    If you are awarded the project, you will be sent an Independent Contractors Agreement
and Guarantee Form.  At that time you would also need to have a W-9 on file
and add the Grass Valley School District as an additionally insured
on your Certificate of Liability Insurance
These documents are here for you to view,
but do not need to be turned in with your bid.
   Documents for Viewing or Downloading  
   Energy Audit  
   Quote Proposal Form  
  Non-Collusion Form  
  Sub Contractor Form   
   Prop. 39 HVAC Controls RFI's  
   Guarantee Form  
If you have any questions please contact Brian Martinez.  530-273-4483