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The LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) provides an opportunity for our district to share how, what, and why programs and services are selected and provided to support positive student outcomes across a broad spectrum of areas. The LCAP is intended to capture the level and type of information that comprises a good strategic plan.
Parents will have three options
available to them to complete the survey:
  1.  Online using the link on the district website, see above links.
  2. Come into the school office and take the survey online using a school device,
  3.  and Complete the paper copy and return the completed survey to the school office.
   See what the students see
    Copy of the Student         
  LCAP Survey                       Link to Survey - Printable PDF

Current LCAP Documents

LCAP 2019-2020

LCAP 2018-2019

LCAP 2017-2018

LCAP 2016-2017

LCAP 2015-2016

LCAP 2014-2015