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Board Members

Lisa Jarvis

Mrs. Lisa Jarvis

Board President
"Creating the best possible environment for learning is at the heart of my desire to be a
member of the Grass Valley School District Board.  As a former teacher in the district,
a parent of three children who graduated from GVSD, and now as a business owner,
I have a unique perspective on education to help continue to make this the best
place for students to learn and grow." Term 2018-2022

Picture of GVSD Board member BennallackMr. Frank Bennallack

Board Clerk
"I am proud to say I am the fourth generation in my family to attend Grass Valley Schools; my children are the fifth. After my grandfather and uncle, I am the third to serve on this Board.”  Term 2017-2020

Picture of GVSD Board member MichaelMrs. Jeanne Michael

"Elementary education is the foundation of a strong workforce and a strong community.  As an elected member of the Board of Trustees, I will strive to support the education and the welfare of the children who live in the Grass Valley School District.  I welcome parents, teachers and members of the community to our public meetings and appreciate their support."  Term 2018-2022

Picture of GVSD Board member Petitt

Mr. Thomas J. Petitt

“Having my own children go through the GVSD and enjoying being involved as a volunteer, I feel this is the best district in Nevada County.”  Term 2017-2020
Board Member Andrea Bradley - image

Ms. Andrea Bradley

"A former teacher and a parent of young children currently attending our schools, I have a
vested interest in building and maintaining a quality program in which educators,
support staff, students, and their parents feel valued and supported. I understand the
important role the school board serves and believe that good relationships build strong
working partnerships." Term 2018-2022