Board Members

Mrs. Jeanne Michael

"Elementary education is the foundation of a strong workforce and a strong community.  As an elected member of the Board of Trustees, I will strive to support the education and the welfare of the children who live in the Grass Valley School District.  I welcome parents, teachers and members of the community to our public meetings and appreciate their support."  Term 2015-2018

Mrs. Bonnie Taylor

“Serving as a trustee for over 30 years has been an honor and privilege. Years of hard work by the staff has produced a true community in this district.”  Term 2015-2018

Mr. Thomas J. Petitt
“Having my own children go through the GVSD and enjoying being involved as a volunteer, I feel this is the best district in Nevada County.”  Term 2017-2020

Mrs. Paula Roediger

Board President
"Ensuring that our students thrive during their years in our district is at the heart of our decisions. We welcome input from our teachers, staff, parents, students and community."  Term 2015-2018

Mr. Frank Bennallack

Board Clerk
"I am proud to say I am the fourth generation in my family to attend Grass Valley Schools; my children are the fifth. After my grandfather and uncle, I am the third to serve on this Board.”  Term 2017-2020